Overcoming the top 5 productivity challenges of LCV fleets – Part 4

Overcoming the top 5 productivity challenges of LCV fleets

Following on from last week’s article, below we discuss Productivity Challenge number four and provide suitable solutions to help LCV fleets improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Challenge 4

Driver Communication

In the area of driver communication, there is a crucial difference between ‘regular’ corporate fleets and LCVs. ‘Regular’ employees drive towards a job, but for LCV drivers, the drive is the job.

This presents a particular challenge for LCV fleet managers who need to be able to communicate efficiently with their drivers while they’re on the road, to discuss changes in priorities, tasks and routes.

In this scenario, miscommunication is common and can lead to assigned schedules not being followed correctly.  Communicating the daily schedule to workers in the field is a very time consuming activity for fleet managers and often causes a loss of productivity.



While regular smartphones may suffice for most of your requirements, at crucial times, complexity and necessity may require more high-performing connected systems.  Modern organisations are increasingly using software and digital solutions to streamline and simplify the way they manage their people in the field.

While messages and orders can be sent with greater clarity to the driver, the vehicles can send automated updates back to the office regarding the status of the order and the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

The use of telematics can help create a more dynamic, flexible workflow, while giving the fleet manager and the team in the office a clearer, more complete view of how your fleet is performing on the roads.

Driver Extranets

The provision of a bespoke driver extranet from a fleet management partner, provides fleet managers with a digital platform to host driver communications.  Using this communication tool empowers drivers and helps reduce the stress levels of your mobile workforce by ensuring your drivers have mobile access to important information to keep them safely on the road.

Stay tuned for next week’s article where we will be discussing Productivity Challenge number 5.