IFS Response to the Coronavirus – 3rd April

Corona Virus Update

Following our commitment to provide you with regular updates on our activities during this current period, here is our latest update as at 3rd April 2020.


Important Operational Update: End of Contract Collection Process

As you will be aware, the Government have asked the nation to remain at home and limit travelling and contact with others to only what is essential.  As a result of the Government’s decision to implement these restrictions, our logistics partners have already temporarily suspended all vehicle collections, resulting in a number of collection cancellations and the suspension of services going forward.

What does this mean for you?

If you are an individual customer who has a contract for a vehicle with IFS we will write to you separately regarding your collection.
If you are a Fleet manager or responsible for your organisation’s fleet of vehicles the following information applies:

  • If you wish your drivers to continue using the vehicle(s) please continue to do so. No further action is required at this stage and your existing contract and rental payments will continue.
  • If you were expecting a new vehicle to be delivered at the same time as a collection your driver(s) may continue to use the vehicle(s) until such time as the restriction is lifted and we will ensure that your existing contract and rental payments will continue in the meantime.
  • If you do not wish to continue using the vehicle(s) please stop using the vehicles and confirm your intention to us (by email) with the information listed below. Please ensure that the driver(s) do not continue to use the vehicle(s) as this may incur further charges.

You will need to keep the vehicle(s) and keys safely in your possession (or your driver(s)) – preferably off the road – until we can arrange for them to be collected. You will need to continue to insure the vehicle during this period.

If the vehicle does have excess mileage or damages which are outside of the BVRLA’s fair wear and tear guidelines we will address these with you after the vehicle has been collected.

You will be responsible for rentals up to and including the day that you notify us or the original date of collection if the vehicle ceased to be used then.

In order to terminate your vehicle we will require the following information from you / your driver by email:

  • Registration number
  • End Date / original collection date (date the vehicle stopped being used)
  • Actual mileage as at the date above (please supply a picture of the vehicle’s mileage)

We will also write to your affected drivers with this information.

We hope this provides you with some useful information regarding the collection of your vehicle.  We appreciate you may still have questions about it but we ask you to email us with your queries rather than telephone us if the query is not immediately urgent.

Payment Holidays

We are starting to receive queries from some customers regarding our stance on payment holidays and we thought it would be useful to share this update with you all.

Whilst we do understand that the current climate is challenging in many ways for us all, we are not currently planning to implement a standard payment holiday process for all of our customers.  Like many in the supply chain, we do rely on payments being made on time and would like our customers to continue to pay for the services they receive in the usual way.

We do recognise, however, that for some customers this may be incredibly difficult and if there are particular circumstances which make paying within the contractual terms difficult for you we will discuss this with you on a case by case basis. If you are in urgent need of assistance you will be required to submit a full application for our underwriting team to consider. Please forward your request via your appointed Strategic Account Manager.

Any applications for reconstructions of a contract (extending the term for instance) will be considered using our normal processes, which does require consideration by our underwriters.

Our Employees & Our Office

Our offices remain closed to all but essential services that cannot be performed from home (such as post). The small number of staff entering the building do so with the utmost care and are adopting the hygiene practices as per government guidelines.

Contacting IFS

Thank you for continuing to assist us by contacting IFS by telephone only where it is an urgent or emergency query.  Our teams are working hard to keep the call waiting times to a minimum and we do appreciate your patience and support during this time.

We would also ask you to avoid sending us correspondence by post where possible at the moment.  This is unavoidable in some circumstances (fines, for instance, will be sent by post to IFS).  However, if you have a letter to send us, such as a contract extension request or variation, we would be grateful if you could send it by email until our office reopens. For the moment we will use DocuSign wherever a signature is required.

As a reminder, the best contact email addresses are:

Information Hub

Please continue to refer to our online Covid-19 Information Hub for customers. This hub provides guidance on operational status, and will be maintained and updated as and when there are changes to any operations.  The hub also includes a copy of all our communications to date.

The hub can be found here.

If you have any questions relating to the above, please speak to your Account Manager who will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Matthew Rumble
Inchcape Fleet Solutions