Downtime Management

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At Inchcape Fleet Solutions, we have a standalone downtime management team which sits next to our technical teams. Their role is to pro-actively monitor and manage VOR events, and have close, regular dialogue with repairing agents with your downtime targets and ambitions at the forefront of their minds.

From the outset, one of the earliest things we do is understand what downtime means to you.

How does VOR (vehicle off road) impact upon your business? Do you have financial penalties? What is your current VOR average and what are you looking to achieve?

This is an area of joint dialogue and a ‘meeting of minds’ between our commercial experts and yourselves to define a process that works best for you.


We understand how important it is to ensure your vehicles are on the road and to limit the financial impact when they are not.

According to the Freight Transport Association (FTA) it costs £760 per day in lost time, repairs and replacement vehicle costs when a ‘trade’ vehicle is off road – and the impact on your customers and reputation.

Industry averages are useful, but we need to know the actual impact on your business, and how we can link up with your planning, scheduling and logistics teams to schedule pro-active servicing and repairs, and have a robust process in place for emergency or non-scheduled work – all to agreed KPIs and SLAs.

James Harding

Technical Manager

I am accountable for the operational performance of the Technical Controllers, repair authorisations and proactive downtime management to ensure all mechanical servicing, maintenance and repair work is carried out cost effectively for our customers.