Benefits of using a fleet management provider

Benefits of using a fleet management provider

How could a fleet management provider help your business?

Fleets are often the second largest cost for any business after staff wages.

Managing commercial fleets of vehicles is both a time-consuming and resource-intensive task since fleet management covers a broad range of functions, such as vehicle financing, maintenance, driver management, speed management, fuel management as well as health and safety issues.

Improving the way a company manages its fleet, is critical to its bottom line and the environment.

If you’ve been attempting to handle your own fleet in-house, there has never been a better time to look into professional fleet management.   A fleet management provider can help you minimise the risks associated with vehicle investment, improve efficiency, boost productivity and reduce overall transportation and staff costs, while fully complying with all relevant legislation.

Below we’ve put together a list of some of the key benefits, but there are far more that will show in your bottom line and the overall health of your business.

If you deal with fleet maintenance directly, then you could be paying excessive costs for parts, labour and other expenses.  Outsourcing the purchasing, management and maintenance of your fleet to an industry specialist could result in dramatic cost savings for your business.  A professional fleet management provider will deal with suppliers on a daily basis and will inevitably be able to get a much better deal.

The outsourcing of key responsibilities to a dedicated fleet provider has the potential to transform the productivity of your business.  By relieving the burden of fleet management, both you and other members of staff will have much more time to concentrate on other important areas of the business whilst remaining reassured that fleet availability and safety requirements will be taken care of by dedicated and knowledgeable professionals.

If tasks like fleet scheduling, ordering parts, ongoing repairs and other aspects of maintenance are stretching your in-house resources to unmanageable levels, then service levels and customer satisfaction will inevitably suffer.

Outsourcing to a professional fleet management provider will ensure that both your business and your clientele receive excellent service and continued satisfaction.  Since professional fleet management providers work strictly in accordance with quality assurance processes and industry defined standards, the quality of the maintenance work will also be guaranteed.

A dedicated fleet management provider will be able to analyse fleet metrics and establish Key Performance Indicators to ensure the future success of your fleet.  By accurately measuring both financial and operational elements of your fleet including driver training, vehicle purchasing, ongoing costs, downtime and repair turnaround, a fleet management provider will be able to optimise both fleet efficiency and costs.

From vehicle maintenance to driver eligibility, the number of requirements and responsibilities that come with fleet management are ever increasing and can seem endless.  However, by outsourcing to reputable fleet management experts with years of industry experience and an absolute understanding of what is required from a legal point of view, this accountability and burden is removed.

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